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Wooler Road
Wooler Ontario


Custom horse jumps made out of wood built by hand in at my farm in Wooler, Ontario. 

Our Process

Process to Buy Luxe Farm Custom Horse Jumps


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My process is simple, personal and interactive to make sure you're happy with the product.


To begin with, we need to talk about what it is you want. Maybe you have an idea you want brought to life, maybe you need a second try at that "scary" horse jump from the last show, maybe you have no idea, except that your ring needs a face lift. That's no problem, I can help. Send me pictures or other inspiration and from there I will draw up a design and then you can critique it. If it is a simple jump, then it should be pretty straight forward and I can probably give you a quote very quickly. If it's complicated, I'll work out a unique way to create a custom jump that you will love.

Not only do I like to build simple jumps of high quality, but I LOVE building artistic custom, horse jumps. There is a need for both.


I will present the design to you via email or interactive web so that we make sure you are in love with the concept. If you aren't, I'll start over.

Once you are happy I'll provide you a quote. My jumps aren't the cheapest and there's a reason for that. It's the same reason you don't have an ugly, untalented horse. You like quality. If it's cheap you want, I'm happy to pass you on to some of my competition.


This is the easy part for you. I'll go build the jump. You sit back and wait. I'll send you pictures along the way so you can get excited about it.


I will send you a digital package with copies of our initial design and pictures of the final product. If you want, I can set up digital web cam review of the product so you can see it in real life.


If you are nearby I'll figure out how to get the jump to you easily. If you are far away we may have to ship it.


All you need to do is set your course and tack up.