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Wooler Road
Wooler Ontario


Custom horse jumps made out of wood built by hand in at my farm in Wooler, Ontario. 

Our Story

Luxe Farm Custom Horse Jumps Story

Hello and welcome to the website. My name is Brooke and I design and hand build custom, one of a kind horse jumps here on my farm about 2 hours outside of Toronto, Ontario.

Me, not covered in mud or sawdust.

Me, not covered in mud or sawdust.

I build wooden horse jumps because as a rider, I'm not comfortable having metal in my ring. As far as I'm concerned the only metal in my ring should be stirrups, spurs and horse shoes. I build good quality horse jumps that will last a really long time, and that's good because they look so great, you will want them around forever. I want my clients to love the end result and come back for more. My goal is to produce something special for your farm.

I got into this because I was sick of looking at ugly horse jumps. Boring design, primary colours on everything, the same stuff in every ring. When I got my own farm, I started looking online for something better. Not only could I not find custom horse jumps that I would want to put in my ring, but I found that most were made by someone who had never jumped a horse.

 Look in your barn, at your horses, it's clear that you're interested in quality, so why are you filling your ring with average? Riders invest money almost everywhere, yet unique, custom horse jumps are almost impossible to find. So here I am. Ready to bring some beautiful, unique and top quality  jumps to your ring. 

My Assistants 

My Assistants 

I build all my horse jumps here on my farm with my husband and son as quality controllers, my dog Delia as a silent partner and my horse Wellfleet as my product tester.

This has been a dream for me for a long time. You can feel really good about purchasing my work, because not only do you get a fabulous product, but you're helping furnish someone's dream...